Sugar Mill Chain

Sugar Mill Chain With C22 Attachment

As one of the sugar mill chains with sawtooth plates manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of mechanical products, We offer sugar mill chains and many other products.

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In the sugar industry, chains are mainly used as transmission chains. Sugar factory chains must be resistant to wear and corrosion as they are inevitably exposed to severe shock and corrosion. The most common chains used in sugar factories are sugar machine chains, such as sleeve chains, straight plate chains, crank chains, cast chains, cast steel chains, cane collection chains, sugarcane transport chains, bagasse transport chains, etc.

We are a chain manufacturer of sugar factories in China. Based on our knowledge of sugar processing and equipment, we know how to produce curved side plate chains and accessories for long-term transfer and lifting applications in the sugar industry as well as sugar factory chains.

In addition to sugar factory chains, we also produce agricultural chains, industrial chains (beer and beverage industry), timber transport chains, industrial chains (beer and beverage industry), etc. These chains are widely used in oil drilling, forklifts, agricultural machinery, wood processing, brewing beverages, and other industries. Please feel free to contact us for more information!

Sugar Mill Chain With C22 Attachment


• Our sugar chains are detachable at every point allowing easy replacement of damaged links
• Intermediate cane carrier chains are supplied with stainless steel pins and bushings as standard to resist corrosion and have
Scraper Swivel Attachment
• Bagasse and boiler room chains are either straight or cranked to order with swivel scraper attachments
• Sprockets fit all chains listed and can be cast, flamed or machine cut
Teeth, which can be case hardened

Sugar Mill Applications

Sugar mills put their chains through rigorous tests as they move sugar cane through the harvesting and refining processes. w Our factory produces a wide variety of chain types for this challenging application. Our precision roller chains and our engineered grade chains are designed and built for peak performance during the 24/7 demands of the harvest season.

Sugar Mill Chain

Our Professionalism

We have over 20 years of experience in conveyor chain manufacturing. Whether you need a chain to transport sugar cane and sugar beet, you can trust us to provide advantages at all stages of processing. Our most typical type of chain is engineering grade chain, which can be found throughout the process of inducing cane to finished product for transport, including infeed tables, cane rack intermediate racks and boiler conveyor chains.

Our supply chains for harvesters, chains for sugar mills, chains for boiler doors, chains for infeed conveyors and chains for sugarcane transport can help you.

We are very confident that we can support you in every area of your plant, whether it is sugar cane or sugar beet processing.

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As a chain manufacturer, we will do our best to serve you. If you need customized products, or the products you need are not found on our website or need a product catalog, don’t worry, more of our products are still being uploaded. You can email us directly, and we will reply to you within 24 hours!